Welcome to Sachin Parekh’s blog.


Welcome to Sachin Parekh’s blog.

Looking for result oriented knowledge on Digital Marketing?
How did the successful made it to the top? Secrets and innovative digital marketing strategies?
Want to accelerate your growth by getting simple ideas on how to make use of digital, practically?
Are you a non-technical but decision maker for digital marketing strategies and budget?




Why this blog?
It was 9th August 2016. I was looking at the Google HQ building at London Victoria and had one prevailing thought – can every person succeed in their Digital Marketing journey? There is so much information around us. We all have access to so many trainings and courses, too. However, only a few are super successful. Why?
With that thought I started walking away from the Google building. As I was walking along Buckingham Palace Road, I saw a few shops with Social Media signs onto their glass doors.


Yes! Got it!

The success is in how the information is used and techniques studied in the course are implemented.


Thus, this blog is to share with you success stories, practical examples, real life inspirations, analysis of the failures and hands-on knowledge bites. You need not be using all the Digital Marketing techniques nor you need to be on all the social media platforms. With the articles here you will be able to decide what is relevant to your business, profession or job. Hence you can focus only on what’s effective and generate awesome results!